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Geothermal Energy Is So Hot Right Now

Updated: Dec 2, 2019

Introducing the HeatBeat, a Publication of the Geothermal Entrepreneurship Organization: A Message from the Editors

The Geothermal Entrepreneurship Organization (GEO) was formed with the support of the United States Department of Energy Geothermal Technologies Office to build a geothermal innovation ecosystem at UT Austin. GEO is a demand pull innovation exercise aimed at commercializing extreme temperature drilling technologies and other geothermal relevant innovations from UT Austin's world leading Petroleum and Geosystems Engineering Department, Bureau of Economic Geology, Jackson School of Geosciences, and more than twenty Energy Research Centers.

GEO utilizes startups as the vehicle for commercialization of new geothermal technologies, leveraging the robust entrepreneurship ecosystems of UT and greater Austin. Because technology developments emerging from research institutions are typically not sufficiently advanced in Technology Readiness Level for field testing, startup creation is an essential step in avoiding the technology "valley of death" that often stands in the way of commercial viability. Put simply, startups will help us press fast forward in building the future of geothermal energy.

Enter HeatBeat. This blog will sing the praises of the innovators in geothermal energy - those people and companies out there who are building the our baseload geothermal future. We will spotlight research that is potentially disruptive to the industry, and entrepreneurs who are busy infusing the industry with new technologies. We will report on the progress of GEO and the growing geothermal energy innovation ecosystem in Texas and across the globe.

Jump aboard and stay tuned as we celebrate what's hot in geothermal energy.

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