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Rocket Scientists Turn Their Eyes Toward Geothermal Drilling

Updated: Dec 3, 2019

Meet Hypersciences: Austin Based Startup Planning to Drill Geothermal Wells with Hypersonic Rockets

HyperSciences is using the power of extreme velocity create disruptive solutions for drilling, tunneling, energy, and transportation. Leveraging hypersonic technology it originally developed for space exploration, HyperSciences has launched a new concept called HyperDrill to cost-effectively drill deep into the earth and harness geothermal energy. HyperDrill is a non-rotary drilling method that aims to increase rate of penetration by up to 10 times that of existing drilling technology. Capable of drilling at extreme depths and temperatures, Hypersciences hopes that Hyperdrill will enable drilling and production of geothermal energy anywhere in the world.

Shell has invested in HyperSciences through the Shell’s GameChanger program. HyperSciences founder and CEO, Mark Russell, a former engineer for Boeing and Jeff Bezos’s Blue Origin, is excited for the future of geothermal energy, and the role HyperDrill can play. “We’re giving people an opportunity to be part of something that’s literally ground-breaking,” he said. “I think we’re going to change the world, I really do.” For more visit

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